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Investment decisions are very important. They often have long term consequences. Read all documents carefully. Ask questions. Seek advice before committing yourself.

  • The Prospectus is available online here or from any one of our Branches.
  • This Prospectus for Westforce Credit Union should be read in conjunction with the Westforce Extension 2015 Financials which cover the period from 01 September 2014 to 28 February 2015.

- Westforce Extension 2015
- Westforce Extension Certificate 2015


Westforce Credit Union Prospectus

The prospectus for Westforce was due to be extended by 31 May 2015. Due to a technical oversight the prospectus extension was not completed until 8 June 2015. This meant that for four business days the Credit Union was in breach of its Trust Deed. As soon as the error was discovered it was remedied and the Prudential Supervisor was notified. We are giving notice, to our members, of this matter in the interest of full disclosure. If you deposited any money with us between 31 May 2015 and 8 June 2015 then the previous financial statements contained in the prospectus would have been out of date. The prospectus extension, registered on 8 June 2015, contains the most up to date financial statements for Westforce. You can view a copy of the latest financial statements here Westforce Prospectus Extensionor you can obtain this information by contacting us directly.

  • The Investment Statement is available online here or from any one of our Branches.
  • The Qualifying Financial Entity Disclosure Statement is available online here or from any one of our Branches.

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