What is a Credit Union (Westforce) when asked?

Westforce is compassionate, reasonable and neighbourly, not words you’d normally associate with banking but they’re at the heart of Westforce Credit Union and what makes us different to traditional banks.

Westforce was formed 1981 the same year as the Springbok tour and the sametime Princess Di married Prince Charles. Westforce was formed in West Auckland by a trio of humble kiwis inspired by other credit unions that started forming across New Zealand from 1955.

The trio, and then others, wanted to be a financial provider that did what it said – no unexpected fees, or insane loan interest rates. What really drove them was knowing they were going to help others to become financially independent.

They wanted customers to be more than their bank balance. They wanted people to join them for the right reasons – to get ahead and be members not minions.

Since those early days, Westforce has become so much more and served generations of members providing a robust selection of banking services and ensuring their members continue to smile, knowing Westforce Credit Union is not a bank.